TOKYO ART has aimed to create packaging that not only wraps an object, but also conveys the feelings and kindness of the giver. We create packaging that functions as "3rd Advertising", giving stores the opportunity to advertise and promote. We have expanded our business so we don't simply supply packaging, but can offer total support, from development of original items, to providing the best materials, shape and processing for novelty and store supply needs, as well as logistics systems and sales promotions.


Five steps to creating products

  • 1. Inquiry
    We promptly respond to the client's inquiry.
  • 2. Meeting
    The sales representative visits the client to determine their needs in detail regarding materials, size, and processing.
  • 3. Design Proposal
    We propose a design that matches the client's needs.
    *If printing data is already available, it can be submitted to printing process directly.
  • 4. Sample Check & Estimate
    After we produce a sample and have it checked by the client, we determine the details of the transaction according to the volume, price, and transaction conditions.
  • 5. Order, Production & Delivery
    After receiving the order, it goes into production. The products are delivered to the designated location by the delivery date.