Since TOKYO ART's founding in 1976, through the use of shopping bags, we have aimed to deepen the expression of "human warmth" that we all feel in the kindness, caring, and joy when shopping and giving gifts.

We have been blessed with numerous wonderful clients, and have achieved immense growth, which has brought us to where we are today. I would like to express my gratitude to our clients here.

This is an era of dizzying change. People's and companies' values suddenly transform, consumer behavior shifts as lifestyles change, and the issues that face our clients become more complex.

TOKYO ART has established 3rd Advertising as our packaging business concept.
By working with clients to discover all possibilities, and by enhancing manufacturing with imagination and creativity, we would like to enhance the joy in everyone's lives.

We strive to find how much color we can add to the small dramas of "wrapping and delivering goods".

As a packaging manufacturer, Tokyo Art are doing what is necessary to bring joy to life through these businesses and by continuing to take on new challenges.

Takashi Miki, CEO and President