By unifying the ordering of TOKYO ART packaging material products as well as all the supplies that stores use, our system aims to streamline ordering and distribution. TOKYO ART distribution efficiently delivers "sales support goods" such as stationery and slips along with each store's package directly to all branch locations.

  • Online Ordering
  • Online Ordering Online Ordering

    Online Ordering

    Each branch can order directly through a specialized online website, and billing is automatically processed. It realizes paperless, labor-saving and speedy operation. (Ordering by email and fax are also available.)

  • Workflow Streamlining

    By outsourcing the troublesome ordering process and combining management of supplies, a reduction of distribution costs can be realized. It is also possible to automatically control over-ordering.

  • Available Products

    We carry cashier station goods (slips, cash trays, etc.), office equipment goods (ink, thermal paper, printer paper, etc.), stationery (writing utensils), stamps, cleaning products, and other supplies (price tags, POP, posters, price labels, etc.)