We believe that packaging is important, but we also believe that the items that customers use in the store and that are indirectly seen are just as important branding tools. We provide complete support to your stores by offering our original items.

  • Suit Bags (Garment Bags)
  • Face Covers & Other Items
  • Hangers
  • Suit Bags (Garment Bags) Suit Bags (Garment Bags)

    Suit Bags (Garment Bags)

    Suit bags carefully protect products and keep them from being crumpled during transportation. They are environmentally friendly, and are made from non-woven fabric, nylon and antibacterial materials. We provide high cost performance products which are equipped with functions such things as space for storing small items, as well as durable and well-designed. In addition, since there are many opportunities for them to be reused, they also expand chances for promoting brand image.

  • Face Covers & Other Items Face Covers & Other Items

    Face Covers & Other Items

    One of the biggest problems with fitting rooms is getting cosmetics on the merchandise. Face Covers are disposable and hygienic, and prevent cosmetics from getting onto the merchandise. We also create envelopes for placing slips in when handing over them to customers. In addition to your original design, such small consideration can lead to improving the image of your products and stores as well.

  • Hangers Hangers


    While they blend into the store, they play an important supporting role by emphasizing the main actors, the clothes. We provide everything from wooden hangers that that have the warmth and texture of real wood, to plastic hangers in a variety of designs, and specialty hangers for a wide range of needs, such as for tops and for bottoms. We believe that attention to detail leads to an increase in brand value.