We at TOKYO ART believe that paper bags are "walking advertisements". Paper bags that display the brand identity can increase the attractiveness of the brand's products and stores. The materials we handle are everything from natural materials including craft papers to brilliant graphics and high-quality reproductions produced by rotogravure printing. In addition, we offer a wide variety of expressive added-value processing, such as embossing and foil stamping.

We can provide not just shopping bags, but also one-of-a-kind paper bags according to client needs, such as campaign and event bags, and specialized company bags.

  • A Wide Selection of Paper
  • Custom Handles
  • Original Shapes
  • A Wide Selection of Paper A Wide Selection of Paper

    A Wide Selection of Paper

    To create an original paper bag, it's possible to utilize a variety of types of paper. We propose paper that suits the client's desires, such as coated paper that has a shine and brilliant color, art paper, and craft paper that has a natural texture. Clients can select the material best suited to a brand's individuality. The look of paper can be changed by bleaching or other processing, and its feel can be transformed by thickening or processing the surface. We also handle and have been involved in the development of environmentally friendly paper, such as recycled paper, FSC certified paper, and Stone Paper.

  • Custom Handles Custom Handles

    Custom Handles

    The material and shape of the handle, where the user holds the bag, is a conspicuous part of a shopping bag's individuality. A variety of different looks are possible. Clients can choose from materials such as paper, polypropylene, or acrylic, and shapes as varied as simple plain paper or a twist of several strands, tape, rope or spindle. Colors can be combined freely, and the handle can be matched to the bag design and shape, so the possible variations are numerous. Naturally, handles can be order made too! Capture customers' hearts by paying special attention to detail.

  • Original Shapes Original Shapes

    Original Shapes

    We not only provide graphic design for shopping bags, but we also manufacture them in original shapes. We offer a variety of shapes, such as trapezoids and ship-bottom shapes, as well as bellows-shaped sides. It's also possible to print on the inside, or add a three-dimensional effect by folding the bag mouth so it faces out. Naturally, the products we manufacture look good, but are also thoroughly tested to make sure that no problems arise when they're used, so they're unique as well as easy to use.