We carry high-quality glass products from Turkey, as well as from glass manufacturers in Japan and abroad. We focus on glass tableware such as bowls, with a simple design, so they can be coordinated even if they are from different series or manufacturers. Products can be turned into unique items by such secondary processing methods as printing, pattern cutting, and engraving of names on glass decorative objects.

  • Abundant Variation
  • Fusion of Function and Design
  • Abundant Variation Abundant Variation

    Abundant Variation

    We carry an ample variety of glass types, from table glasses such as cocktail glasses, champagne glasses, tumblers, and pilsner glasses, to bottles and pots. Our selection of products can meet a wide range of needs, from professional items for hotels and restaurants, lifestyle accessories that add spice to life, everyday tableware that makes life more comfortable, to gift items.

  • Fusion of Function and Design Fusion of Function and Design

    Fusion of Function and Design

    You can select from glass products that take advantage of a material's characteristics and are suited to specific uses, such as general soda glass that's light and strong, crystal glass (lead glass) that's not only durable but has a high transparency and shine that gives it a luxurious look, to heat-resistant glass (borosilicate glass) that is resistant to sudden temperature changes, acid and alkali. In addition, secondary processing can change the look of the glass, such as printing to add a logo or name, and sandblasting to transform the glass surface.