Plastic bags are popular since they can be used casually. They come in a wide variety of materials and designs, and have excellent cost performance. Since they're made from plastic, their colors are brilliant. As they are flexible, they can be enjoyed in a variety of uses. They are very effective when combining different textures together, or in combination with paper bags depending on the merchandise.

At present, TOKYO ART is endorsing switching to environmentally friendly materials, such as nano-hybrid capsule 2, biodegradable plastic, and plant-derived materials.

  • From Reasonable to Luxurious
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Attention to Detail
  • From Reasonable to Luxurious From Reasonable to Luxurious

    From Reasonable to Luxurious

    Since the thickness of plastic bags can be finely controlled to a few microns, they can be manufactured in a wide variety of forms, from thin film products to high added value goods. It's also possible to choose from different materials, such as flexible LDPE, firm HDPE, and elastic EVA. Handles can be die-cut, or made from other materials like rope, and the bags can be manufactured in a variety shapes, so the styles are numerous.

  • Beautiful Colors Beautiful Colors

    Beautiful Colors

    Plastic brings out ink colors well, so it is a good material for high quality reproduction of photos in beautiful hues. We can handle a variety of brand designs, from simple single-color images to complex pictures that require multicolor rotogravure printing. It's also possible to dye the material itself, allowing for color and texture different than that achieved with printing.

  • Attention to Detail Attention to Detail

    Attention to Detail

    By running rope through the bag hem, it can be hung over your shoulder, or used to tie the bag closed. The task of running a rope through a bag hem is done by hand, and each one is made individually. Creating an original product by matching the material, thickness, and color to the bag's design increases the sense of design unity. The brand name can be put on the eyelets that the rope is passed through, and they can be made to match the bag's color, all which strengthen the brand image. When the eyelets are made of plastic, there is the added benefit of being able to dispose of them together with burnable trash.