TOKYO ART GROUP, as a manufacturer and marketer of packaging products, and manufacturer and marketer of mineral water, is striving to preserve the rich blessings of the Earth through environmentally friendly activities.

  • 1.We shall remain cognizant of the effects our business has on the environment, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  • 2.We shall comply with environmental laws and environmental site standards, and strive to voluntarily preserve the global environment.
  • 3.We shall strive to conduct environmentally friendly product and technological development, from material procurement to disposal.
  • 4.We shall reduce the burden on the environment by practicing resource and energy conservation.
  • 5.We shall practice waste emission reduction and recycling, while aiming to create a resource-recycling society.
  • 6.We shall work to mitigate climate change and improve climate-related adaptations, and we strive to protect biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • 7.In consideration of the above environmentally related activities, we shall establish an Environmental Management System,
    establish environmental goals and targets, periodically evaluate them, and continuously improve our environmental activities.

*This Environmental Policy shall be distributed to all employees in printed form and posted in all areas.

April 1, 2021
Takashi Miki
CEO and President

To promote environmentally friendly business activities and actively conduct such activities, TOKYO ART has made all offices as the scope of certification and established an Environmental Management System.
・ October, 2006: Obtained ISO14001 certification. ・ March, 2008: FSCTM(CoC)certification(FSC-C009563)
With the heightening environmental awareness in society, we have established an environmental policy and are conducting activities such as "environmentally friendly product development", "global warming prevention", and "use of recycled materials".
We offer the following environmentally friendly products.

Paper Bags/ FSCTMForest Certified Products are guaranteed not only to be made from wood harvested from properly maintained forests, but also guarantee that only certified paper, which is processed and distributed according to strict rules, is used. FSCTMForest certification plays a role in controlling disorderly and illegal logging, and protects forest ecosystems.
To offset our carbon footprint, we established a "Forest Production Project". By planting Japanese larches in Inner Mongolia in China, we are offsetting the CO2 produced in paper bag manufacturing, distribution, and incineration stages. At our Tokyo Factory, to reduce the burden on the environment when printing paper bags, we utilize water-based ink flexographic printing, thus increasing environmental friendliness. We also offer other environmentally friendly printed products, using methods such as waterless printing, which doesn't use large amounts of dampening agents so no waste water is produced, and recyclable vegetable ink which mainly made from plant-derived oils.

Plastic bags/ We are striving to popularize goods made from eco-friendly materials, such as nano-hybrid capsule 2 (NHC2), which has been made into a thin film that prevents an increase in greenhouse gasses, and bioplastics, which are plastics made from biomass. Both of these materials lead to conservation of petroleum resources. In recent years, we have also begun carrying products that use biodegradable plastic.

Novelty Items/ We are expanding the marketing of fans by conducting a "Fan Campaign", promoting the use of fans as an energy-saving device during summer that is also an effective advertisement. To respond to the demands for eco-friendly bags, we carry a variety of appropriate materials such as cotton, non-woven fabric and polyester. Use of eco-friendly bags leads to a reduction in plastic shopping bags and other packing materials.

Mineral Water/ We promote switching to products that conserve resources such as reducing the weight of plastic bottles, caps and labels and so on.
Also, in order to reduce the burden on the natural environment, we have adopted a production method in which the water used in post-production cleaning as well as the manufactured water can be returned to nature as is.

To create a resource-recycling society that supports both the environment and the economy, TOKYO ART is actively working to select and develop appropriate materials.