TOKYO ART's online ordering service is our original service that categorizes all the products we carry, allowing clients to select products with a single click from specialized pages as well as make follow-up orders. No special software is required. Orders from each store are automatically compiled, which streamlines work and reduces labor. In addition, the standard number of units and maximum order for each product can be set, reducing waste and making speedy follow-up orders possible. Products that are ordered are shipped through our own logistics system and delivered on time to each store. *Vendor items such as stationery and slips can also be ordered through this system.

  • Accurate and Flawless
    Since each product has an image, they're easy to see, leading to fewer accidental orders. The number per package can be confirmed so you can get a clear image of how much you will be ordering. The price can also be displayed, so it's easier to be aware of the cost.
  • Centralized Management Functions
    Head office can view a history of orders that all stores placed by specifying a range of dates. By checking order histories, waste can be avoided, and more efficient order management can be achieved. By exporting data for secondary processing, it's possible to create data for analysis.
  • Alternate Ordering Methods
    We also accept orders via other methods.
    Fax orders: Orders can be made using our special fax ordering sheet.
    Phone orders: Our operators will take your orders over the phone.
    Email orders: We accept lump orders. (Recommended for companies that have already introduced centrally managed systems.)